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Oracle Design Workshop 21-22 Dec 22 Beginners (1).png

A Specialised and Intensive Two-Day Course 


Oracle Guidance Cards Design Online Course 

Anne-Marie Bond TAP.dip: Design and Delivery eLearning Specialist, Art Tutor

Duration: Over Two Days (times vary)

Entry Level: Beginners or more skilled

Oracle Reading Knowledge: None required

Drawing Skill Required: None required

Format: Professional Live Presentation, Demonstration, Step-by-Step Delivery




A fast-track way to develop the software skills to facilitate your first design, creating a full deck of Oracle Guidance cards. Use for daily self-guidance, or design to create and sell your card set. A luxury and deluxe online course with all the necessary tips, and techniques offered to help you excel in producing the best version of your Oracle design. Step-by-step tuition, friendly atmosphere, music whilst working, comfort refreshment breaks and questions and answers to help build your confidence. 

A Christmas Treat for Self

This online course will help you design a beautiful deck of guidance oracle cards. Read for self-guidance -or- make to sell (if you choose this option, in a few sales you will have reimbursed yourself for the course investment). Perhaps buy this course as a gift for self or a treat for a spiritual friend! ❤️

The aim is to support you with the design and how to use the technology software to use multiple images to create the overall design you want. Suitable for return students who wish to commit to building their deck of cards and may need a refresher. A step-by-step full LIVE demonstration oracle design workshop.  A higher priced course that will give you the tools not only to design, create oracle cards, but so much more!  It is well-worth the investment!


If you CANNOT make this course due to prior commitments, then book a SOLO one day Oracle Design online workshop with Anne-Marie.


Day 1 - 

Wednesday 21, December 2022

5pm- 9pm UK TIME

We will review a SMART model to prepare you for storyboarding your 18 Deck Card Design. During which you will watch a live demonstration how to clearly use the online software programs to support your creation and receive your cards boxed to your house within days of completing your project.  Homework will be expected Night 1, (1-2 hours).

Day 2 - 

Thursday 22, December 2022

4pm-8.30pm UK TIM

Let the Design and Creation Begin! Can you imagine holding your first deck of professional looking Oracle Cards?


Suitable for Complete Beginners

No previous drawing skills necessary

Non-UK students are welcome to join


If you CANNOT make this course due to prior commitments, then book a SOLO one day Oracle Design online workshop with Anne-Marie.



Get your sealed boxed of cards professionally designed by you!



This course is now SOLD OUT at the normal rate, however, to grab a special seat and join, you will need a ticket via eventbrite.


Previous comments

"Excellent workshop"

"I enjoyed the lessons"

"Didn't believe I could design, now I know I can"

"I'd highly recommend this workshop"

DISCLAIMER: There are no refunds due to any reason for being unable to attend, nor can you swap payment to another workshop because unable to make one in particular. Refunds or swap days offered within 48 hours of initial payment made and at least 10 days prior to event date.


Wed 21 & Thu 22 December 2022  


DAY 1: 5.00pm-9.00pm UK BST  

DAY 2: 4.00pm-8.30pm UK BST

Standard: Two-day

Image by Viva Luna Studios
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Spiritualist Medium, Teacher, Speaker, Author, Mentor, Coach and Spiritual Visionary Artist.

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